Cozy Image Gallery

Create beautiful galleries to showcase your products on your store
with only a few clicks

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Create Responsive Galleries

Create amazing galleries to showcase your products without worrying about the target device. Adjust the number of rows on each device from app itself.

Embed with Lazy Load

Popular Optimization Technique for On Demand Loading of Large Galleries. The images will start loading only when the customer reaches that part on the webpage, preventing unnecessary load times.

Lossless Compression

The images uploaded into the gallery will be compressed using Lossless Compression to preserve the image quality and increase the loading speeds by upto 300%.

Gallery Protection

Protect the images in your gallery by using the Gallery Protection feature in the app. This feature will disable right click on your images making it hard to steal images.


Different Layouts

Masonry Layout

A layout which will optimally arrange your images while maintaining their original aspect ratio and placing them in a beautiful collage like format

Grid Layout

This layout will place your images in a grid like format which is ideal for same size images of your products. The images will be aligned side by side and in equal sizes

Different Aspect Ratios

Adjust the aspect ratios of the images using the aspect ratio slider in the app to get the optimal orientation for your images

interest Masonry

Save a Pin Directly

Give your customers an option to Pin your images directly from the Gallery on your store to Pinterest. Once enabled, a "Pin it" badge will show up over the images on  mouse hover.

Image Captions

Choose from a variety of caption types to add a Title or Description to your images.

Overlay Caption

Add a caption with a background overlay. The caption will be displayed on mouse hover. The color of the overlay is customizable and so is the text color.

Static Caption

Add a caption bar at the bottom of the image with its own background overlay. This can help you out to showcase product images with their title. The text size, background and color are all customizable.

Hover Caption

Keep your caption hidden until mouse hover. The caption will only display if the mouse is hovered on the image. Useful for showcasing your image thumbnail without constant overlay and yet with detail.

Overlay Static Caption

This caption type is just opposite of Overlay Caption in terms of being displayed. Just like Overlay Caption this caption will also have a background overlay with caption in center but unlike the former this will show constantly and will hide on hover

Static Outer Caption

Add a caption at the bottom on the outside of your image frame without overlap so that the actual image and caption, both are displayed optimally. This caption is also completely customizable.

Customization Options


Add colorful borders around images to match the theme

Box Shadows

Create box-shadows to enhance focus on the images


Adjust the margins between images for distinctiveness

Image Click Action

Decide what happens when the customer clicks on Images from your gallery


Set a beautiful Lightbox View which shows the Image in its actual/full size with dark background overlay to draw focus on the images and avoid distractions

Link on Images

Set links on your images directing your visitors to the products displayed in the image gallery to make it a seamless experience for customers.

Hover Effects

Select from numerous hover effects provided in the app to make your gallery look interactive

Bounce In






and many more...

Plans and Pricing


For Stores with less than 50 images and no plan to expand

No. of Galleries: One Gallery

No. of Images: 50 images

Features:  Light-Box, Links on Images, Hover Effects, Sorting


Best Value


For stores with evergrowing galleries and images

No. of Galleries:Unlimited

No. of Images: Unlimited

Features: Lazy Load, Pinterest Gallery, Image Protection and more



For heavy traffic stores with over 10 million image view in 30 days.

No. of Galleries: Unlimited

No. of Images: Unlimited

Traffic Expert to optimize your store: Yes


Note: Features from Starter Plan are available on all plans. Features from Unlimited Plan are available on MAX OPS Plan as well.


 Very easy to use app - extremely fast, and intuitive to set up. I had a question about customizing, and Steve answered right away, solving my issue instantly. I'm very pleased that I picked this image gallery app over all the others!  

 Works brilliantly for us and the guys are eager for feedback. We sell Electric catamaran and this makes it easy to sell off rejects and returns. Easy to install and manage. And also a very great support team.
A must have for sure! 

 The perfect app for a very neat and responsive gallery..makes our website look so much more professional .. easy to navigate and work .. simple to add galleries to site..needed tech support for adding Pinterest (this is the only way to add it) we heard from Steve within hours and Pinterest was added almost instantly..very happy..thank you!!